Musichouse SwING

The focus is on developing good hearing and a general sense of musicality in a light and pleasant way.

A small private multilingual singing school on the border of 3 countries; Vaals…

Musichouse SwING organises singing concerts and gives music, and in particular singing lessons and singing workshops, mainly in the Euregio; area Vaals.

Children from 5 onwards can book music courses at SwING.

Children from 7 onwards and adults can take (private) singing lessons.

In the lessons, all the possibilities of the individual voice are explored ; technique is trained, vocalises taught and repertoire built up.

Advanced singers can come to SwING to prepare for entry exams (conservatory), musicals, opera, ‘kinderen voor kinderen’, auditions…

Musichouse SwING has 2 choirs:

The school choir takes children 7-12 years of age. The repertoire varies from songs and canons to musicals, both English and Dutch.

The SwING musical choir consists of an advanced group of teenagers aged 10 -18 ; the choir learns songs and musicals with solo’s and ensembles.

14 november 2007: the first big musichouse SwING musicalconcert where the target was to have as many people profit from the project as possible, from kids to local businesses, newspapers, schools, musicians. was sold out before the poster was printed ; we had 300 visitors (twice), the firedepartment would not let more people in…it was a real innovative feelgoodproject

SwING workshops for kids take place in schools; Workshops for adults take place on location,; in private institutions, choirs and business groups.

entry forms Dutch / German