24. februari 2013 // news february 2013

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Hi everybody,

Even though the year started of with bad planning , I planned a workshop in the middle of carnavalseason , the event here in Limburg, new projects, concerts and lessons are now finding their way again.

All lessons are running fine, the choir is on schedule for a programm in may, concerts later in the year are being planned and a new workshop is coming up. The concert with theme’ female soul through music’ will be part of a group of concerts.

Please keep track of the developments via this site, flyers, facebook, mail. Please let me know if you wish to be on the mailinglist.

In march , next to the workshop DUOZANG, on the 23. a calendar will show all activities of this year. Feel free to ask for info. about the seperate events in Dutch/German.                           CLICK the LINK above to see the full fun workshopprogramm.

Keep up the vibes, toodles,


25. november 2010 // concerts

on the 8th of october students of musichouse SwING performed in the musicalshow ‘les miserables’and ‘westside story’. All children gave their best singing difficult soli and swinging choir pieces. all and all a very satisfying , well booked concert.

28. september 2010 // New Website!

Hi everybody; welcome to my new website! I decided to add lot’s of music and skip boring cv’s. Hope you like it. It will be updated with pics and audio samples ( the ‚test’ones will be replaced … by better prof. recordings; no I cannot do it myself). Especially the opera samples will be updated regularly since I’m into an opera coming out.

The musichouse will be updated with pics too; mostly on the Hyves-site attached to it.

Please help to make it grow and send your films and data…

As for now I hope you have fun and enjoy the music !

Thanks and see you soon,


28. september 2010 // Concerten

Zie calendar

Muziekhuis swing:

14 november Kopermolen, Vaals 11 uur

1 oktober generale kopermolen, 16-17.45 uur

8 oktober 17 uur aanwezig kopermolen

18.30 kassa open/19.00 uur aanvang concert

28. september 2010 // Workshops

In juni gaf ik met veel voldoening 12 musicalworkshops aan kinderen van 9-11 jaar via de Stichting Kunstzinnige Vorming.

27. september 2010 // Bijzonderheden

In maart won Lara Ohnesorge met haar prachtige stem de publieksprijs met haar band bij de Aachener bandcompetitie.

Nora Ohnesorge toerde als Kuchenkind met de Aachen-Maastricht opera door de hele Euregio om Heansel en Gretel te zingen.

In mei won Louisa Overschie de 1e prijs!!! bij het LIMBURGER KJINDERKRjAOM songfestival. Ze was meerdere malen te zien bij L1 televisie met goed resultaat.

Josine Corte deed succesvol auditie bij ensemble Voice-Art .

GEFELICITEERD allemaal!!!!!!