Singing Career

Victoria’s voice can be described as lyrical with a warm timbre and clear high notes.

Initially it was the Lied-genre which seemed to suit her very well but she has gradually switched to a much broader repertoire; oratorium, musical theater for kids, concerts, gala’s, ceremonies, funky performances, opera…

In 2005 she started learning about baroque singing with professor Barbara Schlick in Cologne. This continues to be a very enriching experience which enabels her to sing all kinds of music.

In September 2008 Victoria sang parts of Bach’s Hochzeitskantate

Hochzeitskantate ~ J. S. Bach
and Schubert’s Ave Maria in the Dom in Aachen. In Leiden and in Stuttgart, Leiden en Vaals she sang the prestigious Benedictus soprano solo from the Kleine Orgelmesse by Haydn.

‘Le grand Lustucru’ ~ Kurt Weil

‘Hans und Grete’ ~ Gustav Mahler ~ from 5 Lieder
Piano: Ronald Haverkate
live from the Kopermolen Vaals Winterconcert February 2007

The classical ‘kids concerts’ produced by Victoria are fun and interactive; the kids get involved in the performance. In Amsterdam she put together 2 family performances.

‘The Nursery’ by Moussorgsky in Museum van Loon and ‘La Courte Paille’ by Poulenc in de Droomladder

Ba be bi bo bu ~
from ‘La Courte Paille’ by Poulenc
Piano: Ronald Haverkate

music for kids…

In opera, Victoria feels musically free. During festivals and gala’s she has performed various aria’s from … Bizet’s Carmen, Julia from Jakobin, Cherubino from Le Nozze di Figaro and both Amor and Euridice from Orfeus by C.W. von Gluck.

Erinnerung ~ Gustav Mahler ~ piano: Ronald Haverkate